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Colour & Style Analysis

Enhance yourself in colour and style to be the best version of you & how you want to  be perceived. All of this is done online to save you time.

Wardrobe Edit

Re-evaluating your wardrobe options to create more great looks. Works best with colour analysis and body shaping. 

Body Shaping

Discover your image profile to create a unique look. Receive a complete style analysis that will flatter whatever body shape you have.

Personal Shopping Service

Select garments that will create your personal unique style. Evaluate a potential purchase against your wardrobe needs or a special event.This is an online service where I do all the time consuming searching.

Helen is also available to come 'virtual' shopping with you & will be on hand to video chat from shops so you can go through the options.Taking a proffesional with you to get the best results. This is a very cost effective service so you are truly buying an item that really rocks & you will wear, time & time again.

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Colour +


Uncovering our confidence means feeling confident on both the inside and the outside. Helen has discovered that it can often begin with having confidence in your style. By doing a colour anaylsis with her clients, she helps them begin their journey toward living more confident lives. 


Confidence +


Helen found she was giving advice on confidence alongside her colour & style advice. So true to her nature she went a step further & trained as a confidence life coach. The first step is to identify your pain points then she will work with you step by step to overcome these. As colour & style is still a huge player within this aspect, she will cover this too with ongoing support for you to emerge as a truly confident, capable & charismatic woman. Be in the best colours and styles that make you feel great inside and out. Beauty comes from within so if you feel confident you will shine. Be seen for who you are & who you want to attract in your life.


Concrete to Confidence +


Through her own life experiences, she has gone from feeling like she was a nothing drowning in concrete not worthy of anything to a confident business woman. She embraces a spiritual way of life and has huge empathy with many different issues, she will be your mentor, advocate & listener. Have the confidence that you know you are maximising your look no matter the occasion.

"How does an online colour analysis work?"

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What is an Online Colour Analysis?

1. You send me 4 photos of yourself.

2. We meet face-to-face via video call.

3. I create a personalized style report and a digital swatch to save to your phone.

4. We meet for a followup session to go over the report and revamp your style!

Your personal style report will focus on placing you into one of these seasons:

Spring, colours are warm, bright and fresh

Summer, colours have become more muted and cooler, think of a sun bleached garden and watercolours.

Autumn, colours are still muted but have become warm and deeper.

Winter, colours are pure hues, cool, deep & bright like gemstone.


"I was surprised and excited to discover a whole new range of colours that I could clearly see looked great on me. Colours I had never considered before, yet as soon as my stylist showed them to me it was obvious that they lit up my complexion. I usually loath shopping and go for the same old trusted favourites. Now I can't wait to confidently experiment with new shapes and colours. I know what to go for now, rather than blindly just grabbing, hoping - and being disappointed. A really worthwhile experience - wish I had done it decades ago!" -BM

"I didn't realise there was such a service. Since meeting Helen I have had so many great comments. I now feel I look like me as the person I am. My decision making is so much easier, everything was so well explained. I would recommend to all as it has changed my life and saved me lots of money, as I know what to wear and with what. My confidence in clothes has soared, this service is worth every penny".


"As a female entrepreneur, I am always in front of people for client calls, speaking engagements, photoshoots, and much more. Over the years, I started drifting away from my confidence about my body and style. I had no idea where to start to get my confidence back. Helen helped guide me to know what colors and types of clothing I can where to radiate with confidence, and I even began attracting more clients to my business because of that! I am so grateful for her help in helping me transform my confidence and my life! -KB

"Thanks for a great colour analysis session! Ideal for knowing the rules on what colour suits me best, I can now go out confidently, looking & feeling my best". 

NY- Businesswoman, UK

"The service obtain with Bonacolori was great. I always wonder what color goes with what and it was setup in a very simple way to understand and now I am able to see what things to add to my wardrobe. That would be more appealing to my skin tone. Thank you so much."

Jessica Cruz, Puerto Rico

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