From Heartbreak to

Confident Business Woman!

My tragedy transformed my confidence.


BONACOLORI was founded by then unconfident mum and marketer Helen Bratton. After struggling for many years with low self-esteem and body confidence, things were rocked further still when she suffered a devastating and life-changing stroke in 2014.

Recovery left Helen with the all too familiar stroke disabilities such as partial paralysis of her left-hand side - a further knock to her already low self-confidence. Now also a single mum, Helen's budget was tight and she sought ways to turn her own and her children's' lives around. Now as an entrepreneurial businesswoman she understands how your own look & mindset is as important as breathing in order to live a joyous, happy life.

Helen has discovered that no matter what you do in life you are your own ambassador, she has been on a journey to become her true authentic self & now wants to bring that to others. Be Confident in the real YOU.

A fortuitous meeting with a friend, who happened to be a colour and style analyst proved transformational - helping Helen's confidence to soar. Inspired to bring this same positive experience to others, Helen set up and launched BONACOLORI. Initially only dealing on how your look can give you extra confidence. This got the ball rolling.

She then wanted to go one step further & trained as a confidence life coach having battled low self-esteem & self-sabotage herself. This rounded off her services perfectly. A truly holistic approach from the inside out & the outside in.

Look good, feel confident and put your best foot forward. Have a fun and uplifting journey discovering your stylish new self. BONACOLORI helps you to learn what suits you best and how to dress accordingly - ensuring you feel chic, confident, and comfortable.  

Be coached internally leaning some simple strategies to bring inner confidence, how you look is only a part. albeit a big part.

To make the service more accessible Helen took further training so that she can offer all of her services online.

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